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January 13, 2017

So on the 10th of Jan 2017 I got an email from listing compliance dept.

It said they were sidelining my listings for mod services. 

I called them and no one answered so I went to chat talked to Chris and he said they were pulling pedal mod and service listings from the site that it was against their listing policy and they were enforcing that rule now.

I went round and round so called again and got Nathan. Heard the same thing. 

So he put me in touch with Dan who is a manager there and I get this email from him.

Hey Brian, 

Thank you for your patience. I was able to do some recon for you. We recently made the decision to no longer allow mod services on the site. We've actually had a policy against this for awhile officially, but have not been enforcing it too strictly. We're going through this process manually and I can assure you that your shop is not the only mod service that will be contacted and affected by this change.

The reason for this is with a big increase in sales and activity the past few months, we've seen a huge uptick in people mistakenly buying mod services and thinking they're pedals. I recognize you've done a good job labeling and making it clear what you're selling, but we just feel that the site really isn't set up for this as is, and until we can develop a better solution for service sales (something that's in the works longer term), we have to just disallow them altogether for now. 

This doesn't impact your normal listings or any listings for your hand-built pedals. This could be a solid time for us to work together to get more listings up from the Kinnatone line of effects, so that I could feature them in the next Boutique & Handmade Sale. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Talk soon, 

Dan Montalvo

Seller Engagement Manager

So if you were looking for mod services on reverb you won't find them anymore. Please purchase all your pedal mods direct from me at this point.

I really have enjoyed being part of and I've referred lots of people their way for great deals on gear. I've also sold a lot of gear on there and I feel that them burning this bridge with companies like mine will hurt my bottom line since a lot of my sales are through their site. 

Just thought I'd  share this with my customers and let you know I'm still around and still making pedals awesome for you. Just have to purchase direct from now on. 

Thanks for your support,

Brian Kinnaman

Owner Kinnatone

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