The Elusive Unicorn part 2 - The Fabric patterns of the Ibanez Jem 77FP

The types of Patterns on the 77FP and bit of history

  • The fabric pattern was from Steve Vai's drapes.

  • There are three top patterns you normally see for the Jem 77fp

  • Ibanez bought the remaining Reams of fabric and produced the guitar up to 2003 Rumor has it that they ran out of fabric.

I think there are a few others variations or at least slight variations as the fabric got low in stock but most the time you see the three patterns below. If you have a different pattern please send me a pic.

I still haven't decided which pattern I'm going to replicate with the fabric when it comes.

What are your thoughts?

Comment below which one I should do on my Jem 77FP project.

Here is an original Ibanez promo add for the Jem 77FP

Next in part three I discuss the back fabric and headstock patterns. STAY TUNED