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Kinnatone Tweakfuzz MOJO Mod.

When I first got a tweak fuzz I thought it lacked Mojo. It seemed thin and uninspiring. It wasn't what I thought it would be, a magical new version of a fuzz face that will make you want to set your guitar on fire.  Your pedal will have more volume on tap more available fuzz and will still clean up when you turn the volume down on the guitar. The addition of the bias knob for the 2nd tranny allows you to tweak the tweak fuzz, even more. You can get everything from a light drive to a full out fuzz onslaught and even gated and glitchy tones by adjusting the new knob on your tweak fuzz


Where's the lighter fluid? Time to sacrifice this guitar to the Fuzz Gods!

If you want some old stock Germanium transistors installed in this email me for pricing. Its a little more of an overhaul and the price of the real NOS Germanium transistors are like the stock market.





Are you a fuzz lover? The Kinnatone Tweak Fuzz MOJO mod is for you.