Proco FAT RAT Kinnatone MISCHIEF Mod LM308n

Proco FAT RAT Kinnatone MISCHIEF Mod LM308n

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For Starters the FAT Rat is a made in the USA Rat pedal based on the White Face Rat with some mods already added the issue is the mods are pretty unimpressive. The fat toggle actually muddies it up instead of adding more bass, and the clipping options are ok but nothing amazing. 

What we do

First off the OP7 op amp is replaced with the rare LM308N as used in the original Rat pedals

Second  the clipping toggle is change to a three way to give you stock clipping , off which clips the op amp for a huge monster loud Pedal and then the ever popular Turbo Rat setting.
Third we replace the fat switch with a proper Kinnatone three-way fat switch giving you Bass Boost , off and more bass boost as seen on our Mischief Extra and Bass Player Rat 2 mods.

Fourth we add another three way toggle with  clipping options where we add a Fet clipping, off and Germanium fuzzy options

Other options you can also add our popular clean blend knob to this pedal.

This pedal works on both bass and guitar and it's made and modded in the USA! 
So not only are you getting quality your supporting workers in the USA making these pedals.