Preowned Boss CE-3 Chorus Modded Service Kinnatone

Preowned Boss CE-3 Chorus Modded Service Kinnatone

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This is for the modded pedal in the PICS this one is in nice shape and sounds great!!


So many guitarists like Andy Summers & Prince depended on that rich chorus sound of the Boss CE2. In fact, some have called it the "King of Chorus" pedal. There is a reason that numerous boutique chorus pedals are cloned after the CE2. It's just that good! It's one of the most famous legends of the pedal industry. This makes its little brother the CE3 have a lot to live up to. Could you imagine having that big brother who did it all? All the while at 40 years old you still live in your mother's basement. Let's face it the CE3 sounds stale and has a volume drop. It doesn't know how to use modern power supplies. It needs a little help to live up to the king's standards and get outta that basement. Don't worry Kinnatone can fix it. First off we fix the power from BOSS ACA to BOSS PSA so it will work on a modern 9v power supply. We then take the first stage of the CE3 to the specs of the CE2 this warms it up and makes it more full sounding. We then fix that pesky volume drop. Next, we increase the available rate and take the depth deeper. With this mod, you'll find yourself engulfed in warm lush chorus tones you've always wanted. Your Kinnatone modded CE3 will be asking its older Brother, "Whos the King now?"

  • How mod services work.

    When you choose to get your pedal modded you will purchase the mod service and then send in your pedal to us. We then mod it and send it back to you. Most mods are returned to you within 2-5 weeks depending on workload. If you would like to purchase the pedal from us we can do it that way too. Most of our listings have the option to choose a new or preowned pedal to be modded. Most pre-modded sales will usually take 2-3 weeks. 

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us through the website.