Kinnatone Mischief ™ 3x3 Mod for RAT 2 LM308 CHIP

Kinnatone Mischief ™ 3x3 Mod for RAT 2 LM308 CHIP

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This mod Features the

	Vintage LM308N chip

	3x3 three-way toggles for Multiple CLIPPING OPTIONS including turbo, stock, germanium, and asymmetrical

	Revoicing of the pedal where we keep what's great about the Rat and improve overall bass response

	We also mill out the battery door and install a new flat screw. This will make your pedal more pedalboard friendly.

With this mod, your Rat will sound fuller, larger and have way more personality than ever before.
First off we install the LM308N chip like the original Rats. Then we do some work on the voice of the Rat changing key components to give it a better overall tone. This alone makes your pedal sound magical! Then to take this mod to the sky, we install 2 three-way toggles,
Switch 1 with three clipping options.Stock, Turbo and open where your op-amp does the clipping!
Switch 2 to add more clipping options Asymmetrical clipping and another set of diodes for a fuzzier rat.
This mod gives you tones as you have never before on your RAT PEDAL.
You can also choose Knob and Led colors of your choice.
Mod yours or buy one