Kinnatone Woodstock Tribute Wah Pedal Dave and Jimi

Kinnatone Woodstock Tribute Wah Pedal Dave and Jimi

This Wah Pedal uses Vintage Crybaby Parts and N.O.S components to recreate The Dave Weyer modded Jimi Hendrix Woodstock wah that sold at auction for 33k.

If you choose the Vox top Relic version it will look very similiar to the one that sold at auction. 

Sound wise these sound as close to the infamous Just in Time for Woodstock Wah as they can without being the same pedal. 

They are a bit darker than a standard wah and very musical. Plus they play well with Fuzz pedals. 

See my Blog on the limited edition versions we did a few years back. 

There are 3 options
Relic Crybaby which uses the 70s crybaby case

Relic Vox Top which is a 70s Crybaby bottom with newer 90s to current Vox Chrome top.

Both will have blemishes and look like a wah that had been played for the last 50 years 

I do add a 9v power jack  power jack to these and can add led upon request.
Cosmetic options