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Kinnatone Tweakfuzz MOJO Mod. First I fix the volume output giving you way more volume on tap I make this pedal able to handle bass guitar as well as guitar low frequencies better and add vintage style transistors to your pedal. I also add a bias knob for the 2nd tranny which allows you to tweak the tweak fuzz even more get everything from a light drive to a full out fuzz onslaught and even gated and glitchy tones by adjusting the new knob on your tweak fuzz
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    The Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz mod starts with the Unity volume. I adj it so that instead of being at 3 O’Clock for unity it will be about 11 O’Clock From here I do a few tweaks to make it sound larger. I add a toggle for Sloppy or tight. The Tight is the stock tight sound the pedal has always had the Sloppy loosens it up a little to give the fuzz a more lush sound from stock.

    For more MOJO I add a blue LED .

    This mod will is 50.00 including return shipping