EHX Triangle Big Muff mod service Kinnatone Bermuda Triangle

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We aren't the Illuminati but we do right on this mod. After getting this mod done you'll think there's some kinda of Conspiracy theory at work in your tone it will be so good!  On this mod we take your pedal to the "Bermuda Triangle" transporting it to another dimension of sound!  The Nano Triangle muff gets 2 toggles added the first one turns off the first set of diodes lifing out some of the compressed tone and opening it up.The 2nd toggle allows your to change clipping options from stock, off and LEDs. The knob on the side controls the gate allowing sputtered fuzz sounds or full on muff sounds depending on where you set it. The great thing about the Kinnatone Modded Bermuda Triangle Fuzz is you get your stock tones plus more options. Unlike other mods available to this pedal that disable to key tones these offer. Order yours today an 
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