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Boss TR2 Volume Unity and Beyond DELUXE mod service.

This mod gives your pedal  

  • An external volume knob, with a blinking rate led inside 
  • We change the rate and wave patterns for more variable sounds.
  • We replace the Led and knobs to your color selection.
  • Plus we add an additional foot-switchable Rate knob so you can have two-speed settings on your pedal. The led in the side pot is bi-color so you can see which channel you're on green or red 


You will be surprised by how much better your TR2 will sound once you have it modded by Kinnatone.

Another feature of the volume knob on the side with all your other knobs set to zero you can use it as a boost!



  • How mod services work.

    When you choose to get your pedal modded you will purchase the mod service and then send in your pedal to us. We then mod it and send it back to you. Most mods are returned to you within 2-5 weeks depending on workload. If you would like to purchase the pedal from us we can do it that way too. Most of our listings have the option to choose a new or preowned pedal to be modded. Most pre-modded sales will usually take 2-3 weeks. 

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us through the website.