Kinnatone Double Platinum Modded LINE 6 DL4 ULTIMATE

$499.99 Regular Price
$424.99Sale Price
This is for a Brand new pedal we will no longer mod used customer owned Line 6 DL4's due to reliability issues and a high failure rate. New DL4s with the Kinnatone Mod packages have a warranty through Kinnatone for 1 year from purchase date. Please allow 3 weeks for Delivery on this product 2x PLATINUM GIVES YOU AN ADDITIONAL REMOTE OUT TAP TEMPO JACK to PLUG IN A TAP TEMPO SWITCH TO PUT IN ANOTHER PLACE ON YOUR BOARD. (remote switch aka Momentary tap tempo switch not included)PLUS ALL THAT COMES IN THE PLATINUM MOD NEW INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH SOFT SWITCHESNEW LEDS (YOUR CHOICE COLOR)NEW KNOBS ( YOUR CHOICE COLOR)AND We FIX THE VOLUME DROPA DOUBLE PRESET SWITCH Which gives you the hidden presets on a switch. No need to use an Expression pedal for toe up and toe down presets this gives it to you built in saving you space on your boardA LOOPER SWITCHto go straight to the looper setting on the fly. Also the Feedback Stomp Switch hold it down however long youd like for infinite repeatsPlus a 1 yr Kinnatone Limited warranty
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