Inspired by Oregons Hwy 101 with picturesque beaches, rugged rock formations, and lighthouses

The Boost 101 features a transparent clean boost with an always on buffer.

Where beauty meets power

With it's powerful 37dB of available gain It is capable of adding a little boost or like a crashing wave it can drive your amp into a beautiful natural break up. It can also be used anywhere in your chain to balance out the levels of your pedals.

The internal always on buffer will clean your signal and be like a lighthouse to your signal chain. Making sure your tone doesn't crash on the rocks but makes it's way safely though all your pedals and into your amp.

The Boost 101 works well on Electric guitar, acoustic instruments, keys and bass guitar.


The Boost 101 features

Illuminated volume knob

Powercoated and silkscreened

1590A mini Die Cast case

9v-18v 2.1mm negative ground power

Buffered Bypass

High Quality Switchcraft Jacks

Handmade and Handwired in OREGON USA