A few years ago I aquired a Seymour Duncan tweak fuzz pedal. I hated the sound so I ended up looking around for a mod for it.

I couldn't find anyone to mod it so I broke out the soldering iron and studied up on the circuit. I came up with a mod for it and it sounded better than it ever had. Soon after I put a mod kit on eBay and people were raving about the mod. I then got into other pedals and building them. I got addicted to building and modding.  I now offer over around 50 different mods and growing. I also build custom pedals. Each one is hand built by me, with high quality Die Cast Aluminium enclosures, ear picked components for the best possible sound, and hand soldered in Central Point, OR USA.

Most custom builds take 3-6 weeks to create and ship off to you.

In the last 5 years I have shipped custom pedals and modded pedals all over the world. 
It is an addiction that has turned into Kinnatone.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


It’s all about the Tone and Kinnatone will help you achieve it.

Brian Kinnaman

Owner Kinnatone




1422 Green Park Dr
Central Point , OR 97502
T: 541-292-2295

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Central Point , OR 97502
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