ABOUT  Brian Kinnaman

I have been playing Guitar since 1987 when I was 13 years old.
 Over the years I have learned a lot about tone! I have played in bands, at churches, and even had a recording studio. Played guitar for a Bono Impersonator,  played metal, alternative, grunge, blues, worship. Sometimes we played for 2 people, played for 10000 people. In all those situations great tone was a must.  It had to be inspiring for me and the ones I was playing for. 

In my last band which was a U2 tribute band, I had a really large pedalboard. We played 90% U2 songs and some covers. We were also the worship band at our church. I was always getting new pedals to get the tones I needed for the huge song catalog we had. For one of the songs we were playing, I was on the hunt for a Fuzz Face. I went into Guitar Center and acquired a Seymour Duncan tweak fuzz for $29.99. 
I plugged in and immediately hated it. I had a few modded pedals at the time so I ended up looking for someone to mod it.
I checked all the usual suspect's websites and nobody modded the Tweak Fuzz. On that search, I found some pedal building forums.  I studied up on the circuit finding some DIY mods for the pedal. I then took a trip to Radio Shack to pick up some parts and a new soldering iron.  I tried what the forums said to do and the pedal did sound better but not what I was looking for.  So with much determination, I came up with a mod for it. It sounded better than I could have imagined. At this point, I was addicted. It must have been the solder fumes. I then got into modding other pedals and even building pedals with boards from Madbean and Grind Custom FX. I would show people the mods I did and the pedals I would make and I had friends and friends of friends asking me to build them pedals.  It only took a few years of that and I decided to make it a side business and in 2013 Kinnatone was born. Fast forward to 2020 and
I now offer over 100 different mods and growing. I also build custom pedals. Each one is hand-built by me, with high-quality components for the best possible sound, and durability.
In the last 8 years, I have shipped thousands of pedals all over the world. 
It is an addiction that has turned into Kinnatone.

Our goal is simple we want your tone to be inspired. Tone so great you feel it deep down.
A tone that makes your fingers build magical melodies from your guitar. 
Inspiration through innovation - Kinnatone. 
Brian Kinnaman 
Owner Kinnatone


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