Commonly asked questions



Will my pedal sound the same after the Mod?

No, It will sound much better. Sound is subjective though and every guitarist is on a tone search. If you like the way your stock pedal sounds and are happy then you probably shouldn't get a mod done.

How long will it take?

 Please don't check on your pedal 3 days after it was sent in and ask "Is my pedal done yet" Please allow 3-5 weeks from the time you sent your pedal in the mail to recieve it back. Please be patient. I am a one man operation with a day job and a family at and do work all week long.

Can you make my wah pedal a multi flanging thinga-ma-jig?

No I can't. There are some pedals that I can mod to do certian things but Flangers can't be wahs and distortion boxes can't be Univibes. What it is, it is. There are mods to do some crazy things. (Like the DS1 Synth mod). A pedal that is a modulation may be able to be modded to be another kind of modulation pedal an overdrive or distortion may be able to become a fuzz but you have to keep them in the same family.

Can you make a clone of a so and so brand pedal?

I only make clones of pedals that can't be purchased anymore and are out of production.

The pedal building community is pretty tight knit for the most part. We don't want to hurt each others businesses and it's not how I'd want to be treated personally.


Do you offer worship team discounts or other discounts?

I don't have any set in stone discounts for worship teams or other types of discounts.

From time to time I will put out a coupon on the site and you can use it at checkout. I don't always offer coupons. I have very competitive pricing for what I offer and I offer lots of services that others do not. My time is valuable and I strive to make your custom pedal, production pedal or mod the best it can be.   Think of how upset you get when you are trying to book your band and they don't understand what it takes to put on a pro show and low ball you.  There are other expenses you may not realize and my items are priced accordingly.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes I do. On my custom and production pedals I offer a 5 year warranty. The only exclusion is liquid damage or abuse. If it is abused or liquid damages it may still be fixable so send it in anyways there may be a charge to fix it in those cases. Only thing you need to pay for in a warranty claim is shipping it to me. I will ship it back to you free if it's under warranty.

On mods I also warranty my work for 5 years but I cannot warranty the other companies components. I do offer repair services and my work I extend the same 5 year warranty.

What if I don't like my mod or pedal?

If you don't like your mod most of my mods are reversable.(except in cases where we add other pots to your pedal) I do not offer a refund though on my initial mod price if we unmod your pedal. I'm mostly charging for labor and to refund your mod would be working for free.  I truthfully can say I have only had two customers that haven't liked something about thier pedal after the mod and I worked with them to see what it was they were looking for specifically in their tone and made them satisfied Kinnatone Customers.

On custom pedals I can not refund you but I can try to find you a buyer for your pedal. Production pedals can be returned for a full refund minus shipping. Within 15 days of purchase.