It really does want to be a klon but needs a little gravy to make this soul food taste the best.



The EHX Soul Food is a pretty nice sounding pedal. After the GERMANIUM GRAVY mod this becomes so close to the Klon that almost no one can hear the difference.

I add a toggle switch to go between the 1n60 silicon diodes inside to your Klone to NOS Germanium that are exact to the specs of the Klon Centaur. The sound is much smoother and warmer when engaged. It's like adding some great tasting gravy to your already delicious entree.  The great thing about this mod is that it retains the standard clipping option your soul food already comes with. Just flip the toggle and you end up getting the best of both worlds, I also add a bass knob to the side to contour the bass response.

Things to know about modding your SOUL FOOD

A lot of people are modding this pedal right now. There is one thing most modders are not telling their clients about this mod.

The question I ask my clients is where do you put your gain knob? If using this as a clean boost with the gain aroun 9-10 O'clock you probably won't notice much difference. Where the diodes kick in on this pedal is around the 1pm part of the knob. You will notice the Germanium sound more woody and the stock silicon will sound a bit more shrill Germanium sounds the best on this pedal in my opinion.

Germanium Gravy Plus

GERMANIUM GRAVY PLUS Available on the Turnip Greens or Soul Food.

 I add a three way toggle switch to go between 2 types of Germanium Diodes one set that are to the specs of those found in the Klon Centaur The other is another Flavor I find equally as great just a little different.I also replace a few caps inside and replace the cheap electrolytic caps with audio grade Panansonic and Nichicon caps and a few tweaks to the stock circuit making it sound much smoother and warmer when engaged. This mod also add a bass knob to your pedal.
I do offer a mod on the stand alone Holy Grail Max and Plus model but in this pedal its too crowded to add the additional stomp switches needed to mod that side. So you are only getting the soul food side modded.