A few of the many different clients I've worked with over the last few years! Send me your pic with your Kinnatone Pedals and I will add you to the site.

Adam Boyd Bass Player Chapter Two

Adam Boyd Bass Player Chapter Two



Nick Garrett-Powell Fret Drifters

Nick Garrett-Powell Fret Drifters







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I sent up my mint 1990's Dunlop Limited Edition Hendrix Cry Baby - Got the works!
A six setting Wah control modeling different Wah's Q Tone knob
Lowrider lighting that just makes it ultra bad...It's like having a dozen different pedals - I love it.
Its always on my chain. Nothing beats quality products from good folks.

-David Ernst


Got my Klone and man oh man cant say enough about her !!! Fantastic thanks so much brian wont be going anywhere else for pedals

-Shani Woods Vocalist/Guitars Chronicles of Bad Butch


I have Kinnatone Mandarin Crush compressor serial #2. This is the best sounding compressor I've heard to date. Highly recommended. Great products from a great dude. Thanks Brian.

-Josh Ummel Vocalist/Guitarist One Day Closer


Really great builder and gear head! I have a Liger and a custom Earthtone Graphic Fuzz clone that was tweaked to sound leaps and bounds above the old original ones. This guy is the bomb and his effects stay on my board and DO NOT leave!! They ARE a huge part of my guitar and my bass tone!

-Landon Collis


Just got my nodded TS9 in today and so far, it has to be the best tube screamer that I have personally ever used. Kinnatone made my tube screamer a much more useable piece of my pedal board.

-Kyle Richie


Awesome work. my wah pedal was decent to begin with... now its crazy. Real deal over here!!!

-Anthony Glenn


​My new "Mr. Clean" Clean boost has replaced my Boss CS-3 in my chain now. I don't need the CS-3 anymore and have way less noise in my sound. Thanks again Brian!! Wow, what a volume boost with this pedal! Thanks!!

-Gary Yeoman Guitarist A.K.A. Band


“I had a couple of my effects pedals modified by Brian at Kinnatone Guitar Effects and Mods. I am very pleased with his work. He turned a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal into a great sounding distortion pedal with switchable clipping. Great sound and response. He went thru my cs-3 compressor and removed the hiss & warble. This thing now has a great personality and can be subtle or in your face. And clean sustain all day long.If your effects pedals are putting you to sleep, give Brian a chance to hot rod them. He also makes effects from scratch. His prices are very reasonable. “

- Andy Falstad

My custom double tube screamers are awesome! Thanks Kinnatone Guitar Effects and Mods and Brian Kinnaman for making it! Beware ears!

-Corey Allred -“Red Heart Alarm"

My DYNACOMP sounds wonderful! best money I've spent on a pedal, so far. love the led and purple knobs

-Nick Rice-

Hi, just want to let you know, your tweak fuzz mod really makes this pedal! I bought the stock pedal off of eBay a few months ago and it just wasn't that great. After the mod, wow, what a difference. Now this is a fuzz box! Great job! I'll keep checking the website for future stuff your doing. Thanks,



Kinnatone Guitar Effects and Mods did a great job for our guitarist Matty's rig. Matty had an old TS-9 Tube Screamer which needed some serious overhauls. Kinnatone brought it up to TS-808 specs, cleaned the signal and significantly increased the bass response of the pedal overall. It sounds better than a TS-808 now! In addition, Matty also brought in a heavily worn 80's Crybaby Wah pedal in equally dismal shape. Kinnatone modded this pedal to become a true bypass pedal as well as customized the frequency range per Matty's specs to essentially build him a custom pedal.We fully endorse the work Kinnatone has done, and the speed in which is was completed. As a working band we simply dont have time to wait. Our schedule keeps us on the stage. As lovers of vintage and older gear we rely on wizards such as Brian to keep our gear running and stage ready. Once you have decided on the guitar tone you are looking for, talk to Brian to make it a reality. We are amazed at what Kinnatone did for us and at a very reasonable rate.

-Matt Jameson - The Legendary Goodtimes

Brian at Kinnatone just finished modding my Crybaby by adding a 6 way selector and true bypass switch. He did a great job! He's doing great work! I've had him do some work for me as well as purchased some pedals from him. Great stuff! If you're a guitarist with a love for tone and pedals you should contact him.

-Dave Day- guitarist Darrell Mansfield, Broadway Phil and the Shouters and Mercy.